Erin Foggoa is an award winning intuitive artist, digital illustrator, practitioner of the Sacred Freedom technique, apprenticing Shamanistic Healer, author of two books, owner of four businesses, and serial entrepreneur. She has sold her artwork all over the world, loves to travel and host retreats teaching meditative art, and loves to return home to Gabriola Island, BC. with her two beautiful daughters and two dogs.

Her work has been used in several television shows, as well as the premiere for the movie "Snow White and the Huntsman," and featured in the Warren Miller film "Winter Starts Now."

Erin turned to creation in her younger years as a way to cope with a world that didn't make a lot of sense or seem to really have a place for her. Growing up not knowing she had ADHD, and being very intuitive in a small rural BC community, Erin found solace in both animals and paint, and has continued to use the combination of both to create meditative channelled artwork.

Erin also uses her art as her voice, raising funds for wildlife and humanitarian projects through Erin Foggoa Creative as well as her apparel company, Fox and Fogo.

Erin uses a unique combination of a decade and a half as a graphic illustrator and brand designer merged with her need to feel paint between her fingers. She blends both worlds to create art that plays with spatial awareness, bold colour, strong lines, and soft, flowy textures.

Erin dove deep into healing methods and breaking generational trauma over the last few years, becoming certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, and using Ho'oponopono and healing in her artwork, receiving channelled messages for her clients, and teaching others to use art as a way to connect to the Divine.

She loves to live a life entirely by her own design, and that of her daughters, and if there is any message she wishes to convey it is that we all need art in our lives; in our hearts, in our houses, in our practices.

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