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Our Connection to Nature is our path to the Divine.

What does “Creating Divine Awe” mean? We are in a world of self induced chaos and glorified busyness, and the simplest way to connect back to love, to leave fear behind and remember who you are, is to remember you are one with the natural order of the world. You are one with the trees. One with the elements. Reconnect with that curious child in you by simply listening to a stream, watching a deer meander by, allowing the salty spray of the ocean to bring you back to the NOW.

My artwork aims to bring you back into divine awe, to remind you that your divinity comes not from your success or achievements, but by your very glorious existence.

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A legacy of change is what fuels our fire. Every Erin Foggoa Creative company, this one especially has a beautiful mission of impact. With every purchase we donate 10% of our profit to animal and humanitarian projects worldwide.

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